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  • Developing Skills that Scale - A Smarter Way to Train This Off-Season - Baseball Pitcher/Throwing Developmental Program

    The program is designed for high school baseball athletes. Class roster will be capped at 25 individuals. Caution - This is NOT a recreational program nor intended for everyone. This program is designed for the highly dedicated and intrinsically motivated baseball athlete. Hard work and deliberate practice is the expectation. Before committing to the program, be sure you can dedicate the time needed and meet the challenging principles set forth to participate in this program. This program Includes more than 70 scheduled training sessions each running roughly 90-120 minutes long. Detailed video analysis of each athlete's throwing motion. Individualized throwing programs built specifically for each athlete to maximize gains, improve movement patterns and increase arm health/durability. Objective assessments of each trainee’s velocity and command of his pitches. Use of Rapsodo Pitching 2.0 technology. OnBaseU movement screening. The goals of this program are to develop and enhance pitching/throwing skills that scale at all levels. Educate each athlete how to take ownership in their development. Create a training culture where grit, desired difficulties and enthusiasm are the norms. Emphasize injury prevention exercises, drills and proper pre/post throwing arm care protocols. Create a more synergetic and biomechanically efficient throwing movement pattern. Velocity enhancement. Command improvement of all pitch types. Pitch development and enhancing current pitch effectiveness. Properly train, prepare and build up each athlete’s throwing endurance to prepare them for the rigors of the upcoming baseball season. Educate and develop a mindset that is capable of adjusting to and overcoming the many obstacles that are inevitable while playing baseball. New for 2023-24, we're offering a monthly option for non-pitching athletes. This option is designed specifically for position players (infielders, outfielders, catchers), focusing on proper throwing mechanics, arm care and increasing throwing velocity. Similar to pitchers, video analysis of the throwing motion will be done and programming will be individualized to best fit each athlete's needs. Location: Hudson High School - West Gymnasium Schedule: Calendar/Schedule Attendance: To maximize the program's potential, athletes are to prioritize attending as many training sessions as possible throughout the entirety of the program. That said, it is understandable that due to conflicting schedules, family events, etc. that a training session may need to be missed from time to time. If you have any questions about the training program, contact Ryan Huppert at: Online registration questions should be referred to Bev Hagen, Hudson Community Education, at