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Pickleball Classes - Beginner

Community Education Adult & Family Classes / Fitness -
Community Education - Fall Winter 2022-2023

Learn the fastest growing sport in America with Gold Medalist and PPR instructor, Michael Lammer. You will learn how to keep score, how to serve, return serve and play the “No Volley” zone by participating in specialized drills and instruction on court strategies. The last 30 minutes will include organized play. Discussion about which type of paddle suits you will be done during the first session.

Instructor will provide Engage demo paddles so you will not have to purchase paddles prior to learning pickleball. 

Michael Lammer

Michael Lammer has been teaching competitive racquetball and pickleball for several years to more than 500 students. His effective communication skills helps students of all ages quickly learn the concepts and skills relating to pickleball.

AFIT-PBBSession 2 Full

  Michael Lammer

Hudson Middle School : Gym A
Tue Dec 6, Tue Dec 13 & Tue Dec 20
5:30 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

$ 65.00
tuition per student