School Age Care Summer Classes 2019

You must enroll and create a Summer School Age Care Contract then come back and choose your classes! Select Explore All Programs then School Age Care and Registration to create your Summer contract first.

Welcome and thank you for choosing School Age Care Summer Backpackers. Please be sure you have created your Summer Child Care Contract before registering for any of these classes. We are very excited to get to know your child and spend some quality time in a fun, learning, environment. We have a wide variety of classes for your child to chose from to plan their daily activities. Only children who have finished 1st grade thru 5th grade choose classes. Please use your grade level from the 2018-19 school year. Children who have completed kindergarten will have their daily activities planned by the kindergarten team.

Choose 1 activity for each time period.

  • Activity 1: 8:15am - 9:45am
  • Activity 2: 9:45am - 11:15am 
  • Activity 3: 12:15pm - 1:45pm 
  • Activity 4: 1:45pm - 3:15pm
  • Activity 5: 4:00pm - 5:45pm

You should have 5 activities per child in your cart when you check out. You should only have 1 activity per each time period. Please choose a activity for each period of time, even if you don't plan on attending or will be picking up early.

If you need help signing up for activities or have questions regarding our program, please speak with one of the caregivers at your child’s school. Questions can also be directed to Michelle Hagen, School Age Care Coordinator 715.377.3720.

Activity Descriptions:

American Sign Language

If learning a second language sounds like an exciting challenge, then join us for this fun adventure! You will learn the alphabet, simple conversations, and even how to sign your favorite animals and colors.

Animal Science

Catch flies with poisonous frogs in the jungle, search for prey with lions on the savanna, communicate like gorillas in the Congo. There is so much to learn about animals and their habitats!

Big Builders

Do you enjoy constructing things? We will spend our time with blocks of all sizes, small Legos, giant Legos, giant foam blocks, Magnatiles, Waffle blocks. Plus much more! We will make forts, build towers, towns, roads and roller coasters! Can we build it?! Yes we can!!

Board Games, Cards and Puzzles

Do you like to play cards and board games with friends? Do you like to work on puzzles? This may be the class for you! Make new friends in this class while learning new games and playing old favorites like Trouble and Guess Who.

Book Club Grades 1-2 & Book Club Grades 3-5

Get hooked on books! Whether you like to read or are a reluctant reader; reading with a buddy can be great fun. We will delve into some great books and do projects related to our readings. You will have time to read your own books and share your favorites. Get comfortable - there are a lot of adventures ahead!


Do you love to bowl? Spend your summer polishing up on your bowling skills. Learn how to score, rules, etiquette, and techniques. We will spend some time practicing at the school, and 2-3 times a week we will walk to the Hudson Bowling Alley to practice our new skills and bowl a few frames!

Crazy About Crafts

Are you a creative person who likes to work on all kinds of projects? Join us for a summer of crafting! You can choose to scrapbook, weave or macrame, explore fibers with string art, latch hook and tie blankets. You can even suggest your own craft! We will relax and listen to music while we create. You will have several beautiful projects to take home.

Creative Writing

Calling all writers!! Let creativity flow through you! We will be making art out of words, short stories and poems. We will also write and design our own book. Come join us!

Creator Art

Have you ever experienced art while using your whole body? This summer could be an “out of body” art experience for you! We will be doing some indoor art painting, however most of the activities are so wild and messy we will have to go outside. Balloon painting, water gun painting, puffy painting, spray bottle painting, human bubbles and water pinatas are some of the fun projects we have planned. We will create skyscrapers, cities and forts out of boxes! Keep your hands and feet in the art at all times!


Come and learn different styles of dance! Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz - you name it! We will also put together some routines and showcase our rockin’ performances for our Backpacker friends throughout the summer!

Fairy Tales Can Come True

Fairy Tales DO come true when you're writing your own story! Throughout the summer we will read classic fairy tale stories, make wands, mermaids, and fairy dust necklaces. We will also create our own fairy houses! Let your imagination take you to the land of castles and unicorns.

Fitness Fanatics

If you were born to move and want some fast paced activity in your day - Fitness Fanatics is for you! Have fun learning fundamental sport skills during our structured daily fitness activities. You will learn new games and we will put a new spin on some of your favorite games.

Free Art

Come “hangout” and plan your own art activities. We will supply all the materials and you create, color, paint, draw, listen to music, and relax during this easy going “no projects required” art time.

Gardening (afternoon)

Come play in the dirt! We will plant our own garden! Vegetables, flowers and herbs are some of the things we will plant and grow ourselves. Learn about plants that attract our pollinator friends: bees, birds and butterflies. They supply healthy food to our tables and beauty to our lives. We will also make garden stones and bird feeders.

Gardening for Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Birds, bees, and butterflies oh my! Without them our flowers and food won’t grow. Join us in the garden as we learn about which plants attract these important garden visitors. We will spend time getting dirty, planting and harvesting our work.

The Great Outdoors

Summers in Wisconsin are best spent outside! Take some time in your day to get outside and enjoy some free time playing. You will have time on the playground, play gaga ball, jump rope, and much more. We will have some organized activities also. We will be outside every day so plan for the weather. Hats, sunscreen and water bottles are encouraged!

Gym For All

Join us for some fun gym activities. We will have games organized by the staff and organized by you! Whether you like gymnastics or are more interested in basketball, we will have age appropriate activities that maximize fun and develop skills.

Healthy Food for Summer Fun

Join us in creating lots of fun and tasty treats! You’ll learn about using fruits, veggies and other ingredients to make healthy foods and snacks. Best of all, you’ll get to sample your creations!

Hot Wheels

If you love cars, join us for some cool car related activities. We will have a car-washing day, toy engines to take apart, and you will make your own model car. We will play with a variety of Hot Wheel cars, tracks and remote controlled cars. Zoom Zoom!

History 3-5

A blast to the past! We will explore the people that have shaped the world we live in today. Stories of Native Americans, explorers, heroes and heroines, pop culture icons, and more will inspire us to create our own art, artifacts and inventions.

It’s All About Me

Do you like to pamper yourself? Spoil yourself with creating lotions, lip glosses, bath bombs, facials, and polishing our nails. We will create a few fashionable items to wear such as bracelets, tie dye shirts and purses. We will also decorate mirrors, brushes and hair ties.

It’s Showtime!

Calling all performers! Enter the magical world of pretend as we act, sing, and move. As we craft our theater chops, we will create a show to be performed at the end of the summer that will include spoken lines, music, and movement!

Jewelry Designers

Are you interested in creating wearable art? We will make all kinds of jewelry from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. We will use different types of materials like beads, embroidery floss, and even some natural and unexpected items to create jewelry. If you enjoy using your imagination, then come and be a jewelry designer.

Number Ninjas 1-2

Let’s jump into math! Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are some concepts we will cover. We will play games, have contests and test each other to learn math while having fun.

Number Ninjas 3-5

If numbers and cool math games are your thing - then you are a Number Ninja! Join us as we train our brains with addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and more! We will play games, have contests and test each other to learn math while having fun.

Park Adventures

Come with us on daily park adventures around beautiful Hudson! We will explore different school playgrounds and also visit local parks! At the end of our summer adventures, we will be able to determine the best park in Hudson!

Perfect Pets

We are about pets and having fun! We will be making treats for dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs. We will sell some of the treats and donate the proceeds to a local animal charity. We will also have fun making different toys for your pet, and have a “Bring Your Small Caged Pet to School” day.

Prepare for… LIFE!

Put yourself in the middle of the action. Learn how to survive in the forest if your matches are wet and how to use a compass. Learn how to build bird houses and model airplanes. Solve puzzles, contests and trials designed to challenge your mind!

Room Remodel

Do you hang out in your bedroom a lot? Then let's make it beautiful! From glitter outlet covers to awesome garbage cans! We will tye dye pillow cases and paint canvases! This class will focus on making crafts for your bedroom!

Slime Time

Making a mess is generally frowned upon, but that is not the case during Slime Time! Don’t worry parents, the mess stays at school! We will spend time each day creating diabolically messy concoctions and crazy mixtures. Join us for a good time with slime!

Science Explorers

Explore science with all your senses - smell, sight, touch, taste and sound! From creating an exploding volcano to identifying different scents and classifying fossils to cracking open a geode and making music with water. We will examine our wonderful natural world.


¡Hola! Delve into the rich Spanish culture and learn about this beautiful language. You will spend time learning beginning Spanish, sample Latin-American cuisine and study Spanish culture. Take a moment out of your busy day to explore another culture and our global society.

Squish It, Mold It, Make It

Summer is here and it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy a little bit of what we all know and love-CLAY! Mold a masterpiece. There’s nothing quite like turning clay into something beautiful. We will work with different sculpting mediums like model magic, playdough, clay, magic sand and more. We will also make our own edible playdough. Expect to get messy, be challenged and have fun!

Swimming Lessons

Please note there is a bus transportation fee for this class: $90.00

These are the American Red Cross Swim Lessons offered by the Hudson School District. Your child will participate in all four of the 2 week sessions of swim lessons. Because we are reserving a spot for your child, we ask that you are enrolled in school age care for most of the summer. On the days that you are not attending our program please take your child to the class. We will bus the students from E.P. Rock to the Middle School and back every day during these 8 weeks (with the exception of some field trip days).

World Travel

Time to update your passport! You will be traveling to a new country every week! We will be traveling around the world, immersing ourselves in the culture, art, food, and games of many exciting and interesting new places!

Yard Games

Let’s get outside and play some games! We will learn how to play a wide variety of yard games including bean bag toss, horseshoes, badminton and lawn jenga. If you enjoy playing games outside with friends, this is the class for you.